“The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.” – Benjamin Disraeli

In all of my life, I will never erase the single greatest stain of my existence. A great man is dead because of my actions. And because he is gone, many, many more have died.

My name is Savannah Crest, and because of me, the world’s mightiest defender, our once-living definition of a champion of humanity, a true superhero, is dead.

I know you saw the news when it happened. It was exactly one year ago, and the media spoke of little else for days afterward. Even the disasters and devastation that the great man could have prevented took a back seat to yet another interview with Random Analyst Number 327 about how the loss of the amazing hero, Paragon, would affect the world at large. Honestly I don’t even think they understood the absurdness of what they were doing, trying to analyze what the effect would be while ignoring the actual effects. There’s a tragic humor there.

But you still know all this.  You’ve read all of the accounts, heard the analysts, and watched the gathered Society of Light mourning their fallen leader. Maybe you even visited the monument they put up where he fell for the last time. The death of Paragon rocked not only the nation, but the world itself. The mightiest man of the planet, killed in battle.

You’re asking, how can I possibly claim responsibility for the great man’s destruction? After all, everyone knows how he died. Everyone knows how he was killed by that robot. The entire scenario has been debated, reenacted, painted, written, hell I think someone even accounted the events through interpretive dance.

I won’t argue that. Everyone knows how he died.

What you don’t know, what no one else knows, is why he died.

I have to tell this story. Because someone else should know the truth. I don’t know if I’m looking for absolution or condemnation. All I know is that I can’t lie anymore. As far as I’ve come, as much as I’ve done, I have to take this next step. As I stand here now, I have to tell you what really happened. Not just that day, though you could hear only those events and pronounce your judgment. I would accept it. But I believe that I must tell you everything. Not only my great sin, but how it affected me. My triumphs and failures in the last year have all come as a result of that day. I will explain them all, and then you may choose my fate.

Then, once you understand the entire truth, you may choose how I die.

Chapter One

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