Beware of spoilers if you have not yet read up to the latest chapter of the story.

Savannah Crest – Savannah is the main character and narrator. This is her story, of how she went from being a crazed and obsessed fan, to being a hero in her own right. Thus far her powers have manifested as the ability to use any skill possessed by someone she has met and interacted with.

Aldridge Ken – Savannah’s very human, very normal best friend. Aldridge is a tall, lanky and absurdly uncoordinated boy. His sense of humor is only outweighed by his inability to accomplish anything athletic whatsoever.

Gesmine Montana/Whiplash – Savannah’s other friend (or is she?), who Savannah only very recently (and traumatically) learned was the teenage heroine called Whiplash, the fastest person on the planet.

Paragon – The world’s most popular hero, whose death serves as the catalyst to the entire story. Savannah was obsessed with him right up until his death.

More to be revealed

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